This On-Stage Video Taken By BTS’s V Is About To Become Your Favorite Video Ever

Come and get some BTS lovin’.

At the Shizuoka, Japan leg of the world tour, BTS‘s V became your very personal cameraman and captured all the members flashing a big heart over their heads. This video, later posted on BTS’s official Twitter account, is about to become your favorite thing on the internet!


It began as V went up to Jungkook to film him having fun on stage, and Jungkook decided to put his hand over his head to make a big heart. With that, V got the idea to go around the stage, filming all the members!


Next, V found RM. V reached his hand out to tap RM on the shoulder. RM noticed V filming and realized what he was trying to do – so RM also gave a full on, both-hands-over-the-head heart!


Here’s Suga caught on camera with his big heart as well:


V then ran across the stage to find Jimin, hanging out at the very corner. When approached, Jimin turned around and found the camera in V’s hand. Jimin sweetly flashed a heart for V too!


Next, V found Jin


… and of course, himself!


At last, V got to J-Hope and got a big heart from him on camera too – completing the seven hearts from all BTS members, raw and live from the stage!


V shared the video on Twitter, captioning it, “ARMYs who didn’t get to see these hearts today, come and get them!” Fans are in love with how sweet and considerate V is as a person – trying to share all the love that he has with the people that love him back.

Watch the full minute-long, love-filled clip here: