Starbucks Endangered Pregnant Korean Woman’s And Her Baby’s Life

A pregnant woman and her husband were shocked to find pieces of plastic blended into their Starbucks drink.

The couple had decided to stop by a Starbucks to quench their thirst and cool down from the summer heat.

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The husband ordered his wife a mango smoothie and decided to taste it on the way back to their table.

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He noticed something odd with the texture of the smoothie, so he spat it out to see that he’d been chewing on pieces of plastic.

Outraged, he immediately went back to the counter to make a complaint, but was met with a ridiculous answer:

“I’ll make it again for you.”

— Starbucks barista

Shocked at the barista’s answer, the husband retorted, “Did you think I brought it back so I could drink it again?” to which the barista finally offered a full refund.

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Turns out, the barista accidentally dropped the lid of the mango juice bottle into the blender while making the drink.

While food and drink should always meet and exceed safety standards, this serves as a clear reminder to always be careful with the food you buy.

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