This Is How Starbucks Korea Is Using EXO To Promote Their Cold Brew Coffee

To celebrate having sold over 10 million cups, Starbucks Korea created a promotional event where you can size up cold brew drinks for a limited time!

Evidently, Starbucks Korea understands the influence EXO has as they advertised their new promotional event by referencing lyrics from “Ko Ko Bop”!

Starbucks Korea exercised their creative side and changed the words to the chorus of EXO’s latest song to fit their purposes.

? Ah Woo It’s a cold brew


? Ah Woo It’s a coffee for you


? Upgrade since today Yeah Yeah


? Up a size Yeah Yeah


*On all cold brew drinks, until 8/7, one size up! (Does not apply on online orders)”

— Starbucks

The original lyrics are as follows: 

“Ah woo, it’s a calm night
Ah woo, a night all for you
Unable to help it, I fall for you, yeah yeah
I get drunk on your movements, yeah yeah”

— EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop”

Meanwhile, EXO recently got their 8th win with “Ko Ko Bop” on Show!Music Core!