Starbucks Wrote A Poem About BTS And It Went Viral Of Course

Check out this sweet tweet from Starbucks!

That’s right, Starbucks actually wrote a poem about BTS!

The poem used every one of the members’ names in the sweetest way possible, and it flowed so smoothly just like a Starbucks latte!


Needless to say, the A.R.M.Y were completely appreciative of the BTS poem!

The post has already reached over 14,000 likes and nearly 11,000 retweets within a day.


The poem was shared on the Starbucks Twitter account, which has about 11.9 million followers worldwide.


The BTS members have been a frequent customer at Starbucks since their debut days.


And with the hype of this new special poem, it’s most likely that they’ll be recharging their gold cards even more frequently!