Starlights Help A Sick Fan Become Life Long Friends With VIXX

A fan of VIXX with an unfortunate illness became friends with the VIXX members thanks to the group’s fanclubs!

Dae Hwan suffers from muscle disease, where he’s forced to live his life in a bed.

His mother posted on Twitter that her son only wishes to see VIXX in person.

“@RealVIXX Would it be possible for our Dae Hwan to see the concert? He can’t even sit in a wheelchair anymore, but before it’s too late… I want to show him VIXX’s performance… He really wants to see it.”

— Dae Hwan’s Mom

Multiple VIXX fan clubs caught sight of her message and began a Twitter account to help her reach out directly to Jellyfish Entertainment.

After they swarmed VIXX’s official account, Dae Hwan was able to attend VIXX’s concert!

“The day our Dae Hwan lived out his dream ~ ♥
We were so happy….
In our hearts.. eyes.. head… He said he’ll remember it well.

We couldn’t take it with our phone
and they just sent it to us today…
Thank you every~~~one…”

— Dae Hwan’s Mom

But VIXX didn’t end their relationship with Dae Hwan with just one meeting.

They continually invited him to their concerts ever since.

“Wooow~~ We came today too”

— Dae Hwan’s Mom

And Dae Hwan recently received a special invitation to attend VIXX’s 5th anniversary CGV theater!

“We came~ ^.^♥ #VIXX5thAnniversary #SangamCGV #VIXXTheater Thank you for inviting us ~ o(^-^)o”

— Dae Hwan’s Mom

VIXX continually cheers for the health of their good friend Dae Hwan!