Starship Entertainment Under Fire For Allegedly Manipulating List Of CRAVITY’s Fansign Winners

Fans are demanding answers.

Recently, K-Pop idol group CRAVITY held a fan sign event with EVERLINE to celebrate the release of their new album. The application period was from March 22 to March 24 and the official event took place on Saturday March 26 at 6 PM KST.


However, fans later found out that Starship had added non-fan part-timers to the fan sign list and had them act as fans during the event.

If Starship is going to manipulate the fan sign winner list and bring in non-fan part-timers for xx amount of money, at least train them correctly. What kind of part-timers receiving xx amount of money goes out to buy food during the fan sign event? And not see the members during that time? Are you going to keep your eyes and ears shut about this?

They were also under fire for manipulating the fan sign winner list by adding IZ*ONE members’ names to the list. Fans revealed that even the phone numbers on the list matched the members’ birthdays.

| @pannatic/Twitter

권 * 비 = Kwon (Eun) Bi
강 * 원 = Kang (Hye) Won
최 * 나 = Choi (Ye) Na
이 * 연 = Lee (Chae) Yeon
김 * 원 = Kim (Chae) Won

EVERLINE then released a statement regarding the matter.

Hello, this is EVERLINE. We would like to apologize for the unfortunate event regarding the CRAVITY 1ST ALBUM PART2 [LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS] fan sign event that took place on March 26.

We were belatedly aware that the winner list was incorrect due to a mistake by the person in charge. We apologize first for the delay in the announcement as we were trying to find out the exact facts about this matter. We apologize for causing damage to the artists, fans, and the company. We will do our best to ensure that this will never reoccur in the future.

We are responsible for all the circumstances that have come about due to the immature handling of our personnel and will be held accountable by the company. We will offer a full refund to all those who applied, including the winners for the fan sign event on March 26. Refunds will be made sequentially and all refunds will be completed in March.

We will try out best to become a better EVERLINE so that there will be no errors in the process of the fan sign event. Once again we sincerely apologize for this matter. Thank you always.


Previously, for the Ktown4U offline fan sign event, it ended late at 8:30 PM and they spent more than three hours afterwards for the video call event, and ended their schedule around midnight.

But for the most recent fan sign event, the offline event ended at 8:30, but fans spotted members leaving the venue at 9:04 PM KST. Fans were suspicious as they could not have finished all online calls in just thirty minutes. 

One lucky fan that was able to hold a video call with the members revealed that she hung up the call at 8:38 PM. Fans that took photos of them leaving the venue revealed that the photos were taken at 9:04 PM KST.

With more posts about the manipulation regarding the fan list increasing, fans are demanding an official statement with answers regarding this matter. Starship has yet to release anything on this matter.


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