Starship Rookies CRAVITY Just Announced Their Fandom Name, But It’s Already Causing Controversy

Not everyone is in ‘luv’ with the name.

Last month, CRAVITY revealed that their fandom name had been whittled down to four potential choices. On May 11, the Starship Entertainment rookie boy group finally announced the winning name—but unfortunately, it’s already causing controversy.

There were four potential fandom names in the final lineup. The runners up were “Week” (short for ‘we love CRAVITY’ or ‘we are CRAVITY’), “Lumini” (a combination of ‘luminous’ and ‘gemini’), and “RAVIT” (the middle letters of ‘CRAVITY’).

And on May 11, the winner was crowned: “LUVITY”! LUVITY is a combination of “LUV” (an alternative spelling of “love”) and CRAVITY.

Many fans were rooting for “Lumini”, since its meaning represented the light connecting CRAVITY and fans in a dark parallel world. But ultimately, LUVITY came out on top—and most fans of the rookie group are already happy with their new name.

However, some fans have pointed out that LUVITY is remarkably similar to another group’s fandom name. Fans of the girl group Pink Fantasy are already known as Luvit.

Many fans of Pink Fantasy feel that the name LUVITY is disrespectful to their idols.

Meanwhile, a lot of CRAVITY fans are concerned that people may target group with hate over the name, even though the members themselves likely had no idea about the similarity.

On top of that, some CRAVITY fans have pointed out that Red Velvet’s fandom name, ReVeluv, is usually shortened to Luvies—likely the same nickname LUVITY would have.

Unfortunately, CRAVITY already went through a similar situation before they even debuted. The group’s name was revealed on March 15 this year, but less than two weeks earlier, rookie girl group CRAXY had already announced that their fandom name would be CRAVITY.

Of course, given that CRAVITY’s name was almost certainly decided before CRAXY’s fandom name announcement, it seems like the similarity was an unavoidable coincidence.

Now, some are calling on CRAVITY fans to petition Starship Entertainment for a name change. However, others have pointed out that the choice with the second highest number of votes—“RAVIT”—is also similar to Luvit in Hangul.

A similar problem arose with TXT when their fandom name last year. On April 25 2019, Big Hit Entertainment announced that the group’s fandom name would be “Young One”.

However, controversy quickly arose when fans of former Girls’ Generation member Tiffany Young pointed out that her fandom name was already Young Ones. After Tiffany’s fans petitioned, the company decided to change TXT’s fandom name to MOA.

But since LUVITY and Luvit aren’t as similar as “Young One” and Young Ones, it remains to be seen whether Starship Entertainment will consider the new fandom name a problem.