STAYC’s Backing Track Cut Out But The Performance That Followed Was Incredible

“SLAYC’s mics are always on!”

High Up Entertainment‘s STAYC have proved themselves to be amazing live vocalists many times, but the recent mishap they faced on stage solidified their singing abilities more than ever before. Despite the incident happening abruptly in the middle of their performance, the six members of STAYC continued to sing as if nothing had happened, proving their on-stage professionalism.

The popular girl group’s most recent comeback was a massive success, with the song reaching #4 on South Korea’s Weekly Circle Chart. “Teddy Bear” was released on February 14 and served as the title track for the group’s fourth single album of the same name. The album has since sold over 350,000 copies and peaked at #1 on South Korea’s Circle Album Weekly chart and #6 on the Monthly ranking.

STAYC | High Up Entertainment

Since its release, STAYC has been promoting “Teddy Bear” in multiple music shows, but also different festivals and other events.

Their most recent event was just a few days ago, with the members attending this year’s GIVE N’ RACE event and performing several songs. The charming girl group had multiple stages prepared for the fans attending the event. They excitingly performed hits like “ASAP,” “RUN2U,” and their recent viral track “POPPY.” Fans were definitely delighted with the song lineup, as you could hear the crowd cheering loudly and singing along to the popular lyrics.

Of course, given as it’s the group’s most recent title track, STAYC also performed “Teddy Bear.” The performance started out amazingly, with every member slaying their parts and performing the addictive choreography great. Then, the instrumental of the song that was previously booming out of the speakers abruptly stopped, making the audience whine loudly.

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Seemingly, the crowd thought this would mean that STAYC’s performance of “Teddy Bear” would have to be cut short, though the six members had something else in mind. They continued on with their singing and dancing, despite there being no instrumental or backtrack.

This impressed the crowd to no end as you could hear the audience gasping in shock and awe at the girl group’s flawless singing and confidence in doing it all by themselves.

Thankfully, the music came back on just a few seconds after. And to the surprise of many the girls were exactly on time with the instrumental, despite it having been missing for a good 18 seconds.

This isn’t the first time STAYC members have impressed netizens with their vocal abilities. Just a few days ago Sieun released a cover of Ariana Grande’s “Break Free,” and it was nothing less than flawless.

The group’s vocalist executed every high note with incredible precision, sounding better than ever and winning over the hearts of many K-Pop fans.

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