STAYC’s Isa Explains Why Fans Are Bringing Bananas To Their Shows

It may seem random, but there is an adorable explanation.

STAYC has been busy with promotions since they began touring as one of the headliners for the KCON 2022 Premiere.

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While they were in Chicago, they stopped by NBC Chicago to answer some questions about their group, their experience so far at KCON, and their fans, SWITH!

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The girls were looking forward to a few experiences while in the Windy City. Member Isa said she had been watching American cuisine videos and wanted to try donuts. Yoon mentioned that, of course, they also wanted to try Chicago’s signature deep-dish style pizza.

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What STAYC was most excited about was meeting some of their international fans for the first time since their debut in 2020. Judging by videos from their KCON Chicago performance, it’s safe to say the fans were excited too.

There was one question that NBC Chicago had to ask while they had the members: “Why are Chicago SWITH carrying bananas to greet STAYC?

It’s a fair question since it’s not something fans typically bring to concerts. Isa stepped up to hilariously explain why. She said that the group doesn’t have an official lightstick yet, so she went on social media and asked fans if a banana would be a good substitute. The reason? It’s easy to spot!

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Isa revealed that to her surprise, fans actually showed up to KCON in Seoul with bananas and have been greeting the group with them ever since.

Fans have been going out of their way to adorably show the group love with their inside joke.

One fan hilariously snuck a banana in the venue after being told food wasn’t allowed.

Another SWITH even dressed as a banana and got the attention of the STAYC members.

Fans are hoping that when the official lightstick is released, it will pay homage to this “banana era.”

Source: YouTube