STAYC’s Isa Opens Up About Quitting As A Trainee And How Her Fellow Members Responded

“I doubted my skills because I thought I lacked in them.”

STAYC were the most recent guests on Sunmi‘s Showterview.

(From left to right) STAYC’s Sumin, Yoon, Seeun, J, Sieun, and Isa | @STAYC_official/Twitter

The members met Sunmi at a karaoke bar for a lively interview, where together they sang STAYC’s hit songs and shared fun stories. To bond, Sunmi began by giving the girls valuable advice, sharing that her key to a long career could be attributed to her lack of a driver’s license and not drinking or socializing very often. She hilariously said this is how she’s “stayed out of trouble.

Sunmi also shared she had something in common with the group. Sunmi had seen fancams of STAYC’s performance at KCON 2022 and noticed they had a similar signature sound to the Wonder Girls. In the videos from KCON, the crowd enthusiastically shouted out STAYC’s iconic intro, “STAYC girls, it’s going down.” Sunmi reminded STAYC that the Wonder Girls also had a signature intro thanks to J.Y. Park‘s producer tag “JYP.”

While the atmosphere mostly stayed energetic, it turned somber when it was revealed that STAYC had almost become a five-member group. STAYC’s Isa opened up about the struggles of moving from her hometown of Busan to Seoul to become a trainee.

When she first moved to Seoul, she admitted she had a difficult time training and often felt she didn’t deserve to be there.

As the feelings grew, she became overwhelmed and suddenly announced to her producers and fellow trainees that she was quitting. She ended up leaving the agency and returning to Busan.

Leader Sumin took over telling the story and shared that the fellow trainees heartwarmingly rallied to show Isa their love and support while convincing her to rejoin them. Sumin shared, “I felt I couldn’t make it without her.

With the encouragement from her fellow trainees, Isa returned to Seoul and, of course, joined STAYC. Isa credited her return to her fellow members and said Sumin was especially helpful during her rough time.

Luckily, Isa has her group members to surround her with love and remind her of her talents.

To see the rest of the fun interview, check out the video below!