STAYC Revealed Which Member Will Only Speak The Truth

Does she really not lie?

On a recent episode of After Schol Club, rising girl group STAYC came on a guest and showed off their adorable charm!

During the second segment of the show, the hosts took questions that fans voted the answer to and asked STAYC for their answers. The first question asked, “Which member seems likely they will only speak the truth?

The first member to answer was Seeun. She answered that she believed Isa is the member most likely to always tell the truth. She explained her answer and said “When we talk to the fans, we say that she is like our mom

The MC’s took note that moms actually lie a lot to which the group members laughed.

Going against Seeun’s answer, member Isa believed that their leader Sumin is the most likely to always speak the truth. She exposed Sumin revealing that “Sumin can’t lie well and we told our fans that too.”

Isa’s answer seemed to be the closest to their fans as 23% of the fans who voted chose Sumin.

From there, the segment took a turn for the worse for Sumin as they tested Isa’s claim with a lie detector device. Sumin revealed she was nervous to place her hand on the device that shocks you if you’re caught lying.

They asked Sumin if she was happy to be on After School Club to which she replied with a confident “yes!

Sadly, Sumin was shocked but she adorably chanted “I’m happy!

They gave her a second chance and asked, “I think I was a princess in my past life.” Sumin answered “no.” Once again STAYC’s fearless leader was shocked by the lie detector. The MC’s jokingly teased Sumin and accused her of lying as she continued to optimistically denied she was lying.

Check out the full episode of STAYC on After School Club (skip to 28:30 to the funny moment):