STAYC Revealed Their Unique Hidden Talents

“Are you okay STAYC…?”

STAYC recently appeared on HANBAM‘s YouTube channel and showcased their unique personal talents.

The first member to showcase their personal talent was none other than STAYC’s bubbly leader Sumin. Sumin’s talent is actually pretty funny and unique as she claimed, “I can wave with my eyebrows.”

Her members and the host were impressed and were curious to see if she could also “wave while doing eyebrow waves” and of course, talented leader Sumin could.

Sieun‘s talent is incredibly impressive. Member J shared that she could “rotate 360 degrees” and Yoon added that “she’s like a human drawing compass with her legs.”

Before showing her skill, Sieun shared that “you should think of me as, the body is the axis and the legs as the compass. I’ll draw a perfect circle.” 

The host was shocked and impressed. He even asked if she was okay from that incredible flexibility.

ISA shared that she could yodel and that it was her vocal teacher who actually suggested the talent to her: “It was my vocal teacher who recommended this.

When hearing her attempt, ISA’s yodeling sounds accurate to professionals!

J’s talent got everyone in the room giggling. J’s talent of Pokémon‘s Wobbufet was short, cute, and hilarious. J’s impression made the host ask, “are you okay STAYC?

Seeun’s talent started out well, but she had some complications in the middle and had to start over. Seeun attempted to “bend her arms and move them.

Unfortunately, her second attempt caused her makeup to rub off; however, fans are still impressed!

Last but not least was member Yoon. Yoon started out by saying that she had “many talents but they’re not good.” The first talent Yoon showed off was one she called “guessing quiz.”

To test her talent in guessing, the host asked Yoon to guess how many cards he was holding. To everyone’s surprise, Yoon’s answer of 7 cards was correct…or was it? Turns out the host purposely dropped on the card to make Yoon look talented in guessing.

The host gave Yoon a second chance and asked what his blood type was. Sadly, Yoon guessed type A and was incorrect.

Attempting to save Yoon, the host let her do her impression of Doraemon and they were quite satisfied.

The clever host asked that J use her Wobbufet impression along with Yoon’s Doraemon impression and it might be the best moment in K-Pop.

Check out the episode below: