STAYC’s Sieun Belts An Ariana Grande Note And Fans Are Shook


Sieun is known for her many talents: acting in dramas as a child actor and singing in STAYC as the main vocalist. Recently, Sieun showed off another level of her vocal range that impressed many.

Sieun | STAYC/YouTube

Throughout STAYC’s career, Sieun has proved that her vocal skills are amazing from her live performances and covers, such as the cover of “2002” by Anne Marie.

Sieun’s latest cover, however, blew netizens away because of the difficulty of the song—she sang an Ariana Grande song. Ariana Grande is known for her immense vocal range when belting or singing whistle notes. One of her hits is the song “Break Free” which she did with Zedd in 2014, and it was one of the songs that helped launch her as a global superstar.

| Ariana Grande/YouTube

The highest belting note in “Break Free” is a G5 and the highest falsetto note is a D6. These two notes are not easy for even some of the most amazing singers to sing because of how high it is. Sieun proved to us that she can hit these notes in her cover of “Break Free.”

Some fans even analyzed her performance and wrote down all the notable notes she sang.


Surrounded by mirrors and bright lights, Sieun covered the song perfectly with her Ariana runs and ad-libs. She belted the G5 into her mic as if it was easy, and netizens were stunned by her performance.

Even though “Break Free” is a very difficult song to sing, Sieun did the song justice and people cannot wait to hear more of her vocal skills in the future.

Watch the full cover of Sieun’s “Break Free” here.

Source: STAYC