Why STAYC Sieun’s Face Is So Perfect, According To A K-Pop Makeup Artist

With visuals like this, it’s no surprise Sieun has become successful as an actress and idol.

Over the years, ALUU makeup artist Oh Gil Joo has worked with artists like Lee Hi, Ailee, D.Ark, and most recently, rookie girl group STAYC. In a new “Starview Interview” with Allure Korea, Oh Gil Joo explained just what makes member Sieun‘s face so perfect.

Given that the STAYC members are all visuals in their own right, it should come as little surprise that their makeup artist was filled with praise for each members’ looks. Oh Gil Joo pointed out Isa‘s unique features, Seeun‘s luscious lips, Sumin‘s effortlessly pretty face, and Yoon‘s strong features, as well as revealing that J‘s overall styling was her favorite.


When it came to Sieun, however, Oh just couldn’t stop praising the main vocalist’s perfection. After Allure Korea pointed out just how good Sieun looks with simple hair and makeup, STAYC’s makeup artist explained why.

STAYC’s Sieun | High Up Entertainment

Among the members,” Oh Gil Joo started, “[Sieun] has flawless skin.” According to the makeup artist, her skin is so free from imperfections, she actually looks like a doll.

| High Up Entertainment

On top of that, Oh says Sieun also has “such a great head shape.” In turn, that makes her skin look even more radiant and flawless.

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The thing I was most pleasantly surprised about was that she has the perfect head shape.

— Oh Gil Joo

But that’s not all. The makeup artist went on to say that Sieun has “big facial features” and “long eyes” too. Her big eye creases and the large distance between her eyes and brows, says Oh Gil Joo, make the ideal foundation for experimenting with all types of eye makeup shapes.

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Finally, even Sieun’s hair is perfect, according to Oh Gil Joo. The makeup artist says that when an idol is wearing their hair pulled back like Sieun did for “Stereotype,” the focus on baby hairs becomes even more important. But with Sieun, “her baby hairs are also so perfectly in place.”

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All in all, Oh Gil Joo described Sieun’s face as “the perfect kind of face” for a makeup artist. While she may not be an official visual in the group, there’s no doubt that she’s truly beautiful.

Her face is flawless of course.

— Oh Gil Joo

Source: Allure Korea