STAYC’s Sumin Once Appeared In A Commercial Alongside BTS, And Here’s What Her Experience Was Like

Did you spot her?

Since debuting in 2020, the STAYC members have quickly cemented themselves as forces in K-Pop, gaining attention for their catchy songs, youthful concepts, and bright personalities. Yet, it seems as member Sumin had a taste of K-Pop before debuting!

The members of STAYC | @STAYC_Official/ Twitter

All of the members recently appeared on 1theK‘s YouTube channel series IDDP, where they sat down and searched their names online to see what results would come up.

The first member was leader Sumin and, after going into some basic details about her, including date of birth, role, and height, they started to dig deeper into her history. In particular, they spoke about when Sumin actually appeared alongside BTS for their 2016 commercial for Puma!

For many eagle-eyed fans of STAYC, many noticed a familiar face during the video in the commercial that BTS filmed with Puma in 2016. During the commercial, BTS’s leader RM is seen running past a schoolgirl and taking her lolly; it turns out that the girl is actually Sumin!

| PUMA/ YouTube 

During the video with 1theK, the members asked Sumin what it was like filming with BTS. It seems as if it was all a whirlwind for her. In fact, she actually revealed that she only found out about the filming the day before and suddenly found herself as part of the commercial.

Unsurprisingly, with such short notice, it was no surprise that she actually went through the day in a bit of a daze because it was all so quick-paced and unexpected.

I didn’t know what kind of filming it was, and I remember being like, ‘Really?’ and went filming.

— Sumin

Yet, many fans realize just how big of a deal this must’ve been for Sumin. During an interview with XSports News last year, the members revealed who their role models were, and, like many K-Pop idols, Sumin picked BTS as her choice!

During the interview, she explained that she chose them because of how good their teamwork is, not just with each other but also with their staff.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

With so many idols being proud ARMYs, Sumin really lived the dream, even before she debuted. Hopefully, with the group gaining popularity, she will be able to meet BTS again in the future!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 1theK and PUMA