STAYC’s Sumin Had A Difficult Time Filming The Running Scene In Both “STEREOTYPE” And “RUN2U,” Here’s Why

“I forgot how to swing my arms backward.”

In a recent video posted to their YouTube channel, the members of STAYC sat down and gave behind-the-scenes information and fun facts about the filming of their music video for their recent comeback “RUN2U.”

Seeun took on the role of MC, asking her members specific, often teasing, questions.

One of the first questions Seeun asked is directed at leader Sumin, asking if she threw “an uppercut while running” in the music video.

(left to right) STAYC’s Seeun, Sieun, Isa, Sumin, J, and Yoon | STAYC/YouTube 

And although Isa is confused about what Seeun means, Seeun prepared evidence, showing a clip of all the members running where it does indeed look like Sumin is punching upwards.

| STAYC/YouTube 
| STAYC/YouTube 

But Sumin is quick to explain herself, bringing up the running scene in the music video for their previous comeback, “STEREOTYPE.”

STAYC’s Sumin (left) and Sieun (right) running in “STEREOTYPE” | STAYC/YouTube 

Sumin shares that for “STEREOTYPE,” the directors felt like her arms had been too low while she was running, not conveying enough enthusiasm.

| STAYC/YouTube 
STAYC’s Sieun (left) and Sumin (right) running in “STEREOTYPE” | STAYC/YouTube 

So for the running scene in “RUN2U,” the directors told her to look upwards and hold her arms higher while she ran.

| STAYC/YouTube 

But since Sumin was so focused on trying to make the changes, she “forgot how to swing [her] arms backward. So, [she] was only running forward.” Which created the “uppercut” look.

| STAYC/YouTube 
(left to right) STAYC’s Yoon, J, Sieun, Sumin, Isa, and Seeun running in “RUN2U” | STAYC/YouTube 

But Sumin is also quick to point out that she wasn’t the only one who struggled filming the running scenes. She points out Seeun’s unique way of running.

| STAYC/YouTube 
| STAYC/YouTube 

And J adds that Isa also ran uniquely, “like a princess.”

| STAYC/YouTube 

Of course, Sumin, Seeun, and Isa’s individual running styles only make the running scenes more endearing to fans, who can now focus on those types of small details in both music videos.

You can watch STACY’s latest comeback, “RUN2U,” here.

As well as their previous comeback “STEREOTYPE” here.