STAYs Believe They’ve Been Tricked And Stray Kids Is Actually A Ballad Group

Even the rappers have amazing vocals.

Stray Kids are known for their powerful music and stage presence. Every member has a part to play to fulfill that image, whether it be rapper, dancer, or singer. But, they’re more than just their positions.

Stray Kids’s rappers Han and Changbin had no problem singing a ballad and hitting all the right notes during a car ride. Fans were impressed and believed Stray Kids to be a ballad group in disguise.

Yet, that wasn’t the first time Stray Kids’s rappers surprised everyone with their vocal abilities. Changbin and Hyunjin impressed with their cover of Zion.T‘s “Yanghwa Bridge” during a Vlive.

STAYs have known all along that Stray Kids’s rappers have amazing vocals. And, they’re demanding that everyone should know with the release of a ballad.

Based on the vocal prowess of Stray Kids’s rappers, a ballad doesn’t seem to be out of reach. Stray Kids have constantly been releasing music, so a ballad featuring their rappers could be closer than STAYs think.

Stray Kids

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