Stellar’s Gayoung unveils her sexy new shower photoshoot

Stellar’s Gayoung unveils a sexier side of her self as she does a jaw-dropping photoshoot for EXCEED. 

Known for their incredibly sexy comeback concepts, Stellar recently continued to portray the image with a number of photoshoots.

In the latest set of photos, Gayoung proved that there is no limit with EXCEED as she posed in a number of risque scenarios. Wearing nothing but lingerie and minimal make-up, the singer portrayed a sexually suggestive aura as she posed in the shower room and at some point, a bath tub.

Gayoung also stunned her fans previously in other EXCEED photoshoots and modelled lingerie and cosmetics. Fellow Stellar members Junyeol, Minhee and Hyoeun also sported revealing outfits and water related themes for the magazine.

Gayoung joined Stellar as they promoted their seventh album Cry back in July.

See Gayoung’s latest shoot below!

Gayoung for Exceed
Gayoung for Exceed

Gayoung 2

Gayoung 3