Stephen Curry Tweets Back At Superfan NCT’s Chenle, And Fans Can’t Contain Their Happiness

#ChenleFirstWin everybody!

NCT‘s Mark and Johnny asked if Chenle‘s dream would come true, and it just did!

| @NCTsmtown/ Twitter

On August 5, NCT released a video titled Will Chenle’s Dream Come True?! | STEP ONE | Help! JOHNNY MARKY. As most NCTzens know, Chenle is a huge fan of decorated basketball player Stephen Curry!

He always cites him as one of his biggest inspirations, and talks about him whenever he can!

In the video, Mark and Johnny decided to help bring Chenle’s dream of meeting his number one idol a little bit closer to reality, and coached him on common acronyms and internet lingo that they were sure would catch Stephen Curry’s attention!

And would you know it? It worked! Under a certain tweet of Curry’s, Chenle tweeted,

Stephen Curry, you are the GOAT [Greatest Of All Time]!


Following that, fans soon began bringing up Chenle in their tweets themselves, hoping to help him catch Stephen Curry’s attention!

Chenle also put up a tweet on the main NCT Twitter account, expressing his appreciation for his hyungs and showing off all the terms he learned!

Everyone, I learned English well from Marky and Johnny. Hahahaha it was fun haha. I want to meet Stephen Curry soon ASAP. See you again I’ll BRB



Stephen Curry himself responded to this tweet, saying:

And fans immediately celebrated this win!

You can watch the whole episode where Chenle learns to get Stephen Curry to “HMU ASAP”, here!