You Have To Stop Everything And Watch Baekhyun Serenade You From His Bed

He also covered Chen’s new song “Beautiful Goodbye”.

On the night of April 2 EXO‘s Baekhyun started a live streaming on his Instagram account. He was already in bed, wearing comfortable pijamas when he told the viewers he couldn’t sleep, so, after listening to music, he thought it would be nice to talk a bit with his fans.


He sang ballad songs to help himself fall asleep, but EXO-Ls were blown away by his charming and sweet voice.

The first song he sang was Chen‘s Beautiful Goodbye, then “Someday” by Lee Seung Chun, “Every Day, Every Moment” by Paul Kim, “I Want To Be Drunk” by Hwang In Wook and lastly, he once again covered Chen‘s new song, “Beautiful Goodbye”.

During the broadcast, he started coughing a little and the fans began to worry. Baekhyun calmed them down by saying, “I’ve had a cold for a week, but I’m getting better.”

Baekhyun said he would listen Chen’s “Beautiful Goodbye” to sleep. He expressed his admiration for the song, calling it beautiful and sad. He also praised Chen’s voice during the whole broadcast.

Baekhyun mentioned that it would be nice if all of the EXO members could release solo songs like Chen’s.

He revealed that Chen spent a lot of time practicing for “Beautiful Goodbye” at SM’s practice rooms, which made him feel very proud.


“Jongdae’s song is good right? Jongdae did so well. I like this song so much. The song is good.”

EXO’s Baekhyun



Even some idols tuned in for Baekhyun’s livestream.  Super Junior‘s Heechul stopped by to leave a cute comment for his labelmate.


After singing “Beautiful Goodbye” for the last time, and telling the viewers to listen to it many times, he said farewell to his fans and went to sleep.