Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Taemin’s Chemistry With This Female Idol

The chemistry between Taemin and Sunmi at the 2017 MAMA was definitely the heart-shocker of the night!


Sunmi and SHINee’s Taemin appeared on the stage together to perform their hit singles “GASHINA” and “MOVE”.

Sunmi captured everyone’s eyes with her seductive charm when she started performing her signature moves.

Soon after, she was joined by Taemin as they mirrored each other’s sexy handgun.

Taemin then continued on with his performance of “MOVE”, where he clearly exemplified what it means to be sexy.

Then, Sunmi re-appeared in her mile-long legs, flaming up their hot chemistry once again!

Breathing heavily, the duo hit the stage once again in a well-coordinated performance.

Even the difficult choreography of “MOVE” did not interrupt the perfect flow of their chemistry!

Fans were praising for their charismatic performance, saying that it was the highlight of the night.

Watch the amazing performance of “GASHINA” and “MOVE” below.