The Stories Behind Jungkook’s Iconic “Mad As Hell But Hot AF” Performance

His moodiest fancam, and the alleged reasons for it.

If looks could kill, we’d all die from watching Jungkook‘s legendary fancam!

On October 18, 2016, BTS performed “FIRE” at the recording for the KBS Open Concert. Jungkook’s outfit was sizzling, but his unexpectedly intense mood is what really made fans suffer!

From beginning to end, Jungkook looked irate, incensed, positively pissed. And it worked for him, big time. Thematically, it also worked well with the song, but is there a story behind this angsty eye-rolling?

There are several stories, in fact, though none have been officially confirmed. Some fans have claimed that Jungkook took issue with the fansite filming him. This fansite is rumored to be a sasaeng fan, though she is not listed on Big Hit Entertainment‘s official blacklist.

Other fans, however, believe that Jungkook’s mood had something to do with his schedule. Jungkook, who was 19 at the time, had to write a test the very next day!

During the week before his test, BTS appeared on broadcasts for M! Countdown, SBS Cultwo Show Radio, KBS Music Bank, Music Core, SBS Inkigayo, plus the KBS Open Concert recording and several fan sign events.

That didn’t leave Jungkook with much time to study! Here he is, going from star to student in his SOPA uniform.

Watch the fancam here: