The Story Of How BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Went From A Struggling Trainee To A K-Pop Icon

There’s a lot of heartbreak behind the success of G-Dragon.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon is a K-Pop legend and has influenced many current K-Pop artists to achieve their dreams.

While he’s currently a K-Pop icon, his journey getting this point was not an easy one. A YouTube channel by the name of “BeBoss TV” compiled some moments when G-Dragon spoke on some of the difficulties he’s endured. Let’s take a brief look at the story behind G-Dragon’s success.

When G-Dragon was a trainee at YG Entertainment, he had quite a rough experience. Not only would netizens say malicious things about him, but he also had to endure a lot due to being in a large company.

Yang Hyun Suk was especially tough on G-Dragon, as he would rarely compliment him.

All of these experiences caused G-Dragon to start doubting himself.

While these comments hurt at the moment, G-Dragon now appreciates Yang Hyun Suk’s tough treatment, as they helped him ignore future malicious comments.

G-Dragon was also quite reserved as a trainee, as he would always hide his worries from others. He would never show his emotions to people, as he didn’t want people to talk about him.

Another reason he hid his feelings was that he wanted to be perceived as a strong person. All these hardships helped motivate G-Dragon to work even harder, to prove the doubters wrong.

Looking back, G-Dragon appreciates the way Yang Hyun Suk trained him, as it made him a stronger person.

Though, G-Dragon’s struggles didn’t end once he debuted. BIGBANG got a lot of hate from netizens due to them being “ugly”.

While this would bother a lot of companies, YG Entertainment decided to not change a thing about BIGBANG. Yang Hyun Suk always encouraged the members to do what they wanted and to not change themselves for anyone.

BIGBANG eventually proved the haters wrong by becoming one of the biggest groups in the history of K-Pop. A lot of people have even complimented G-Dragon for his contribution towards K-Pop.

Now, G-Dragon just wants to enjoy his career while he can. When he’s unable to enjoy doing music, then that’s when he knows it’s time to leave. Though, G-Dragon predicts that he’ll have no regrets when that time comes.

Here is the full video below!