The Story Of How BLACKPINK’s Rosé Went From Having Zero Confidence To Becoming A Main Vocalist

Rosé had quite the journey.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has amazed people worldwide with her great vocal skills.

Yet, Rosé hasn’t always been this incredible vocalist, as she originally had zero confidence in her singing skills. A YouTube channel by the name of “BeBoss TV” compiled some moments where Rosé spoke on her emotional journey.

Rosé spoke on how she loved singing from a young age but wasn’t the greatest at it.

Rosé’s constant singing caught the attention of her father, who asked her if she wanted to audition to become a singer.

Rosé ended up accepting her father’s offer, but this led to some arguments between her parents, as her mother was concerned about her.

Her parents eventually both became supportive of her decision, so Rosé flew to Sydney for her audition. Rosé ended up passing the audition and became a trainee at YG Entertainment.

When Rosé first arrived in Korea, her parents only stayed with her for a short time as they had to go back to Australia.

This is the moment when Rosé met her other family members.

Rosé also admits that the whole trainee experience was a difficult one, but she was determined to make it work.

She even convinced herself that she couldn’t go back to Australia without making it work.

In terms of her career as a member of BLACKPINK, Rosé thinks that Coachella was one of the best experiences in her life.

The members weren’t expecting people to recognize them at Coachella, so they were stunned when they saw the amount of attention they were getting.

Rosé also briefly mentions that BLACKPINK doesn’t try to think about numbers whenever they make music.

The members are more focused on working hard and trying to present themselves the way they want to be presented.

While the BLACKPINK members are flattered by the numbers they achieve, this is essentially never their goal when making music.

Here is the full video below!