The Story Of A Korean Celebrity Who Had To Work Multiple Part-Time Jobs To Help His Family And Make His Dreams Come True

He was even mocked during his time as a student.

Many Korean celebrities go through hardships on their journey to stardom, as some had to grow up in difficult home situations. The List took a brief look at some of these celebrities, and one of them had a past of working multiple part-time jobs pre-debut.

This celebrity is none other than Lee Joon!

Lee Joon even has a nickname due to his past of working many part-time jobs.

There’s a wide range of part-time jobs he’s done in the past, as he was once a waiter at a bar.

He also worked in jobs related to show business.

Lee Joon’s most famous part-time jobs are probably when he worked as a model for various CFs. One of his more embarrassing ones is when he was a mukbang model.

Some other modeling gigs he’s done are for beverages, lip care, and wigs.

During this time, Lee Joon was making quite a bit of money from all of his part-time jobs.

However, there’s a reason why Lee Joon chose to work so hard during his youth. It’s because Lee Joon grew up with no money due to his father’s business going bankrupt.

His home situation also caused him to be at a disadvantage during his dance lessons, which caused some fellow students to mock him.

All of these hardships ended up motivating him to work even harder for his goals.

Everything ended up working out as Lee Joon worked tremendously hard and got accepted to Korea National University of Arts.

Lee Joon would eventually become a member of MBLAQ, as well as make a name for himself as an actor. Here is the full video below!