The Story Of A K-Pop Idol Who Dropped Out Of High School, Failed Multiple Auditions, Yet Still Found A Way To Achieve His Goals

He also initially turned down the company that he ended up debuting in.

The List took a look at some idols who had a tough time achieving their dreams of becoming an idol, and one of them revolved around an idol with an insane passion.

The idol in question is none other than Hoya. Hoya’s story begins in high school, as he decided to drop out of high school to fully commit to becoming an idol.

This decision wasn’t popular in Hoya’s family, as his father even kicked Hoya out of the house due to it. This didn’t stop Hoya, as he continuously auditioned for companies. Many companies overlooked him, as none of them were willing to take a chance on Hoya.

Hoya finally struck some luck when he passed the preliminary round on Superstar K. During this time, Hoya also got accepted into Woollim Entertainment.

This happiness didn’t last very long, as Hoya didn’t get past the next rounds on Superstar K. To make matters worse, Hoya turned down the offer from Wooliim Entertainment, as he wanted to focus on Superstar K.

Hoya was too passionate to quit now, so he decided to call Woollim Entertainment and expressed his desire to join the company. Despite initially getting turned down, Woollim Entertainment happily accepted Hoya as a trainee.

After around a year of training, Hoya finally debuted as a member of INFINITE. The group helped build Woollim Entertainment into what it is today, and Hoya was a vital piece in the group.

Hoya ended up leaving both INFINITE and Woollim Entertainment in 2017. Hoya debuted as a solo artist and participated in a couple of K-Dramas in 2018. Hoya enlisted in the military in early 2019, so it will be some time before Hoya is seen on broadcast again. Yet, his story of determination and passion is one to be remembered.