The Story Of A K-Pop Idol Who Helped Raise Her Younger Sibling And Successfully Paid Off Her Parent’s Debt

She’s an amazing daughter, as well as a great sister.

There are many heartbreaking stories in K-Pop, as many idols go through hardships in their life. The List took a look at some idols who had tough upbringings, one of them focused on an idol who helped her family tremendously.

The idol in question is none other than Apink‘s Eunji. Her backstory begins when she was young, as her family struggled financially. Her parents originally sold vegetables to provide for the family.

Eunji’s father soon took a construction job, but it meant that he would be overseas a lot.

Eunji took some responsibility and started to take care of her younger brother whenever her parents were too busy.

Eunji soon became determined to help her family, as she once saw her mother crying over financial issues. Eunji quickly auditioned to become a singer, and she got accepted almost immediately.

Eunji soon debuted as the main vocalist of Apink.

Apink didn’t have the greatest debut, as they struggled with getting their name known by the public. Apink slowly grew their popularity through the years, as each member worked diligently to help the group grow. Eunji got cast in Reply 1997, and it was a huge success.

Soon, Apink and Eunji were gaining massive success. After many hardships, Eunji was soon able to pay off her family’s debt.

Here is the full video below!


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