Story Of A Korean Student And His Dad At Korean SATs Go Viral

A video of a Korean senior talking to his dad just before taking his college entrance exam (sooneung) has been going viral.

Just minutes before the exam was set to start, the senior called his dad and asked him to come back to school as soon as possible.

“Dad, can you come back to school right now? If you can, please hurry.”

Korean highschool senior

His father immediately became worried, fearing that his son had forgotten his test number ID and rushed back.

When he arrived at the school gates, however, his son hurriedly went up to the front of the car and made a deep bow on the asphalt ground.

The entire moment was captured on the father’s black box camera, so he proudly uploaded it on to his Facebook account.

According to News1, the father explained that he was humbled by and thankful for his son’s actions.

“On the morning of the sooneung, I was really shocked, but I felt it was well worth raising my son for all these years. As his father, I should have showed him my support by hugging him first, but when my son gave a deep bow, I was so grateful.

I had no idea what to do because I was surprised, but after leaving, I thought about it deeply and realized that maybe I should have held his hand at least before I left.”

Father of the Korean high school senior

Source: News1