A Stranger Once Randomly Asked TWICE’s Nayeon For Her Number…And She Had One Hilarious Reaction

Nayeon now regrets how she acted.

During an episode of Knowing Brothers, TWICE‘s Nayeon shared a story of how a stranger randomly asked for her phone number.

Nayeon explained that the incident occurred when she was taking a walk outside.

While Nayeon was walking, a man suddenly started approaching her with his cellphone.

When Nayeon saw this man, she assumed that he was a fan that just wanted a picture with her.

However, she was in for a shock when the person shyly asked her for her phone number.

Nayeon didn’t know what to say, so she ended up responding with a “What?”

After this, Nayeon decided to run away since she was so shocked and didn’t know what to do.

Nayeon concluded the story by apologizing to the stranger just in case he was watching the show.

Here’s the full video below!