“Stranger Things” Millie Brown Didn’t Know Who BTS Was, Until Her Fans Enlightened Her

This “Stranger Things” start didn’t know about BTS, until A.R.M.Y helped her out.

K-Pop fans were more than happy to introduce Millie Bobby Brown to BTS during her recent Instagram Live stream.

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During her stream, the 14-year-old actress (best known for her role as Eleven in Netflix‘s sci-fi show Stranger Things) responded to questions from more than 20,000 Instagram Live viewers.


Fans asked her about her school work, current favorite songs, Netflix’s Riverdale, and more before asking, “Do you like K-Pop music?” Millie Bobby Brown confessed that she didn’t know what K-Pop was.


She moved on to other topics, such as the game Fortnite, but A.R.M.Y is not the kind of fandom that gives up easily. BTS fans kept spamming the actress with this incredibly important question, “Do you know BTS?”


Millie Bobby Brown, like most people outside of the fandom, assumed “BTS” meant “behind the scenes”. The “who” part of the question confused her. The actress hopped onto her computer to look for answers.

“Oh, they’re a band!”, she said. “That’s cool.”


She looked mildly interested until she realized, “Oh, they’re that band!”


The actress didn’t go any further into the topic, but fans were happy that she had taken the time to look up BTS.


Although Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t seem to be too interested in K-Pop at the moment, it’s still possible that she could join BTS fan club in the future. BTS fanboy John Cena also learned about BTS through his fans.


After he posted this picture of J-Hope on his Instagram, A.R.M.Y flooded it with comments about BTS. John Cena decided to do some research on BTS…

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…and fell into the fandom’s trap. He is now a true A.R.M.Y!


Will this Stranger Things star become BTS’s newest celebrity fangirl? Only time will tell! Check out her full Instagram live stream here: