Strangers’ Blind Date Takes An Unexpectedly Steamy Turn

One way to test compatibility!

One of the favorite types of content coming out of Korea is the ever-popular dating program. While shows like Single’s Inferno have trapped the world through Netflix, many smaller dating programs have garnered just as much attention from other online platforms, like the gay reality program His Man 2.

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Many channels on YouTube post dating content, ranging from scrolling through someone’s photo to determine their “datability” to choosing based on everything but their visuals.

Ultimately, many viewers tune in for no reason but to see the chemistry between two attractive strangers.

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This is likely why a “new” type of dating content recently went viral!

On the YouTube channel Airplane Time, one of their recently posted videos shared the blind date experience of two young adults named Momo and Mahiro.

Momo and Mahiro | AirplaneTime/YouTube

The two started their blind date by playing “Love Pong,” a game like beer pong where the loser must complete a mission or answer a question whenever a ball makes it into a cup.

The missions start pretty normal, like asking Momo to remove her sweater top…

…but quickly heat up when Momo is tasked with finding a ball hidden on Mahiro’s body. The third question sees Momo handcuffing Mahiro to a chair and being told to “tease him” for five minutes.

In one of the most viral moments from the show, Momo is instructed to put sticky notes on her body for Mahiro to remove with his mouth.

Clips of this moment were shared on TikTok, where they quickly gained over 9.1 million views. Comments had a range of positive reactions, showing just how much people love this sort of content!


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Check out the full episode below.