Stray Kids’ Han Shares What He Thought About Felix When They Met

The two are closer than ever now.

Stray Kids‘ recently released the new episode of their web series 2 Kids Room, where Han and Felix had a chance to chat one-on-one.

Stray Kids’ Han (left) and Felix (right) | @realstraykids/Instagram 

The two members revealed they have grown to have a close friendship, but it wasn’t as close in the early days of their debut.

Han disclosed he had been going through a rebellious phase during their debut and had fought with all of the members, including the older ones.

Han and Felix were born only one day apart, Stray Kids’ Lee Know hilariously wondered what could have happened in that short span of time to make Han and Felix so different.

Despite their different personalities, Changbin, Seungmin, and I.N even remarked on how close the Han and Felix are now.

Although they’re close now, Changbin revealed that Han had also fought with Felix before. The two previously had a misunderstanding over something taken out of context. Whatever was said was not meant to be hurtful, but it ended up causing an argument.

Changbin shared that Felix is often the first to want to make up after a fight, approaching the other person to talk it out. This approach worked well with Han, and they were able to move past the argument.

While discussing their close friendship, Felix wanted to know what Han had thought about him before the group’s debut. Han again mentioned it was hard for him to open up to others at the time, but he was the most curious about Felix and wanted to know more about him. He even went to Changbin, Felix’s roommate at the time, to ask about Felix. He didn’t know how to bring it up to Felix himself.

Han shared that after self-reflection, he realized he had closed himself off and made it difficult for others to be close to him. After that, he thankfully began to open up more and discovered Felix’s adorable personality.

The two have become closer and realized they could bond over the shared experience of living abroad. Han was born in Korea but lived and studied in Malaysia when he was younger. Felix was born and raised in Australia.

The two agreed that they were grateful for the life they have led, but a part of them always wondered what it would be like to experience Korean school life.

Felix recalled that he would watch Korean dramas and wonder what it would be like to have those experiences, but didn’t think he could have trained and attended school at the same time.

When the filming for their episode wrapped, Felix and Han were thankful for the experience and said they learned more about each other through their conversation.

To learn more about their friendship, check out their 2 Kids Room episode below!

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