Stray Kids’ 3RACHA Spoil Their Unreleased Songs During “Chan’s Room”

Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han leaked their own music to 6 million viewers. No big deal.

Stray KidsBang Chan celebrated his 100th episode of Chan’s Room with some special guests!

His fellow 3RACHA members Changbin and Han joined him. They came in with gifts of flowers and cake while singing “Happy Birthday.”

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As usual, they played music, but this time, it was all songs recommended by Stray Kids members. They also ended up playing some of their own songs but unreleased ones.

The company probably does not know about this, but we’re just going to do it anyway. We’re going to play three songs and we’ll play a little bit and see what you guys think about it.

— Bang Chan


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They played snippets from three unreleased 3RACHA songs. The first song was “Happy,” a love song written by Han. He said that the song is inspired by a scenario he imagined.

The next song they played was “Sorry I Like You,” written by Changbin and sung by Seungmin. The song expresses worry over a friendship being ruined due to romantic feelings. The third song was “Wish You Back,” written by Han. It is inspired by the film Your Name. They played a very small portion of the song because he is saving it.

After playing the songs, Bang Chan realized that he had released quite a lot of spoilers to a large audience of 6 million. He gasped, “Wow, there’s 6 million people?! Oh my gosh!” He began to regret his actions. He added, “Too many people watched. Now we’re going to get in trouble.” He laughed the pain away.

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Just from the small portions heard, we already know that once 3RACHA releases these songs officially, we’ll have them on repeat!

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