Stray Kids’ I.N. Was Almost Lured Into Joining A Religious Cult

It’s also scary that I.N isn’t the only member who had an encounter with a cult organisation

Stray Kids are experiencing so much success and recognition in the K-Pop scene, that it may be hard to remember that the members are still so young.

Hyunjin has previously discussed with his hyung Woojin of almost being lured into a religious cult by a complete stranger when he was only a trainee.

When he was brought to a room and realised what was happening, he tried to leave but was asked to donate money. While Hyunjin ended up giving them the 5,000 won he had with him, he was able to leave.

Being older now and looking back at his 16-year-old self, Hyunjin notes that it was lucky that he didn’t get kidnapped and abducted, given that he was alone with this religious organisation.

South Korea has a history of religious cult organisations that have amassed wealth and influence. This is certainly a scary phenomenon, especially on vulnerable people that can have their trusting natures exploited.

But Hyunjin isn’t the only member of Stray Kids who had an encounter with a cult organization. Unfortunately, Stray Kids’ maknae I.N. revealed that he also had an encounter.

Coincidentally, he also mentioned this in a live broadcast he did with Woojin.

When I.N. was in Gangnam for his holiday, he was approached by a stranger.

However, this stranger appeared intriguing as he somehow guessed all of I.N’s personality traits correctly, building a bit of a connection with I.N.

This stranger asked if I.N wanted to pray with him, so I.N decided to put his trust in this person and followed the stranger into a house.

When I.N entered the house with the stranger, he found there were people inside as well. But what he saw next was something quite unsettling.

It was a piece of paper that had I.N’s name written on it. But what was more uncomfortable was what the stranger told I.N to do.

That person said all my wishes would come true if I burnt that paper

Hearing this, I.N felt this was too weird and decided to leave but he was grabbed by the stranger.

However, I.N angrily told the man he had to leave which left the stranger flustered. However, the stranger asked if I.N would at least burn the paper before leaving.

Without a choice, I.N burnt the paper and quickly ran away.

Looking back, I.N agrees that it was good this situation didn’t escalate to something worse. He could have been in danger of being threatened or even kidnapped.

The eldest member Woojin gave some important advice to the maknae I.N, telling him he should never follow a stranger like this again, or else his safety might be threatened again.

But Woojin also knew how to lighten the mood a little bit with his fellow member.

You should have said “I could burn your house instead.”

It is a concern to many STAYs that two members of Stray Kids have already talked about their encounter with religious cult organisations that have tried to lure them in.

Thankfully, Stray Kids is headed by the hyungs like Woojin and Bang Chan who continually guide and lead the other members and make sure that they know how to stay away from jeopardy.

But hopefully all the members will make sure to be careful.

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