Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Recent Airport Fit Was So Unexpected Even His Members Were Confused

Fans weren’t the only ones surprised.

Stray KidsBang Chan isn’t known for unusual fashion choices. Instead, he sticks to the basics. So fans, and his members, are super confused when he strays from the expected.

Stray Kids recently made their journey to the US to kick off the North American leg of their MANIAC tour. Pics of the members at the airport revealed Bang Chan wearing something a bit different than his usual attire.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

The outfit he opted for consisted of a white t-shirt, light-wash blue jeans, a cap, and combat boots.

While it might not seem unordinary to some, fans know this outfit was much different from what he usually wears. They are used to seeing him, instead, in entirely black fits.

Bang Chan has a long history of wearing all black, to the point that it’s become an inside joke. To nobody’s surprise, viewers were met with only black clothes when he once revealed his closet.

“Chan’s Room” ep. 141 | Stray Kids/VLIVE 

Bang Chan even had a passionate response when Cosmpolitan asked the members during an interview whether they preferred all black or all white outfits. For Bang Chan, “black” was the only acceptable answer.

| Cosmpolitan/YouTube 

During his most recent “Chan’s Room” broadcast, he explained how the new, unusual fit came to be. One fan prompted the discussion by asking why he had chosen a white shirt and jeans to wear to the airport.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE 

He explained that his friend, who he only described as an Australian hyung, asked Bang Chan what he was going to wear during his trip to America. And while Bang Chan mentioned that he would probably just pick something comfortable, the friend already anticipated him choosing all black.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE  
| Stray Kids/VLIVE  

The friend then acted as Bang Chan’s personal stylist and prepared outfits for the idol, including the airport one.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE  

Needless to say, everyone was surprised, including the other members.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE  

Even the staff asked, “What’s going on?” Though fans, the members, and staff all were surprised, everyone seemed to enjoy the attire change up.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE  

He attributes the credit to his friend. Bang Chan said it was all chosen through his friend’s recommendations and fashion sense. And while Bang Chan said he “needs” to wear clothes like that, shopping isn’t easy for him. All-black just seems more manageable.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE  

It’s safe to say fans loved the unexpected outfit.

Though Bang Chan looks fantastic in whatever he decides to wear, fans enjoy seeing him step out of his comfort zone a little. He looks great doing it!

Source: VLIVE

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