Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Assures Fans That It’s Completely Normal To Have Complexes

He’s such a comfort to so many fans.

Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan is a comfort idol to many of his fans. He continues to prove that he is human too, and that’s okay.

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In an episode of his regular segment, “Chan’s Room,” Bang Chan reassured fans that it’s completely normal to have complexes.

To ease fans worries, he stated that everyone has things they don’t like about themselves, even him.

I think almost everyone has some sort of complex that they are struggling with. Even me. I have so many complexes.

To reiterate this, he humbly announced each thing he struggles with… much to fans’ dismay.

Still, it was reassuring to know that even seemingly perfect idols have insecurities the same as everyone else.

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Bang Chan dropped even more wisdom by saying that the reason he can’t tell someone to get over their complexes is because he’s still stressed about his. It would make him a hypocrite.

What I want to say is… having a complex is completely normal. I could encourage you to get over that complex, but that’s completely up to you…

Instead, Bang Chan hopes fans can find comfort in the fact that he can relate.

 … just know that I feel the same way as well … It might not be the same complex, but the fact that I have a complex that is something that’s completely understandable.

He ended with words of encouragement.

I have a lot of complexes too so don’t worry. You’re completely fine. You’re probably better than me.

While the message stands, fans still wish that Bang Chan could see himself through their eyes.

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