Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Explains Why Thai Food Is The Best Way To Destress

Eating can be a good way to relieve stress!

In episode 99 of Chan’s Room, Stray KidsBang Chan answered a fan’s question, asking him how he handles stress.

Bang Chan began to say that, usually, he isn’t too stressed. He explained, “Well, I’m trying not to, but I did have a few moments where I had too much on my mind, just overthinking a bit…”

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Bang Chan recalled a time when he had a lot on his mind. He ended up going to a nearby restaurant and ordering a lot of Thai food.

When it was at peak level, I was like, “Oh my gosh, I need to get rid of this,” and then I went to go have some Thai food, which is close by. It tasted so good, it made me want to go back to Thailand. It was just so good, and I really love Thai food as well.

— Bang Chan

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All of the food was so delicious that it made him happy again! Thai cuisine contains a lot of spicy food, which is known to help relieve stress.

It was so good to the point that it made me angry and it made me lose all my thoughts, all my stress and just made me very happy again.

— Bang Chan

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Stays who hadn’t tried Thai cuisine yet then requested food recommendations upon Bang Chan’s raving. He emphasized “Thai food is amazing,” but he couldn’t remember exactly all that he ate since he orderd so much that day.

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Initially, he replied, “I don’t know. It’s all so good.” After a moment’s thought, he exclaimed excitedly, “Pad Thai!” He also mentioned Som Tam (green papaya salad).

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We couldn’t agree more with Bang Chan. Food is a great way to destress and Thai dishes are especially delicious!

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