Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Fanboys When Listening To BLACKPINK’s “Pretty Savage”

Bang Chan also gave praise to BLACKPINK!

In a recent live broadcast, Stray KidsBang Chan was listening to various songs, and one of the songs he listened to was BLACKPINK‘s “Pretty Savage.”

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

As soon as he turned on the song, Bang Chan started jamming away!

Bang Chan did have a hilarious “shocked” expression when he heard the cursing in the song.

Bang Chan continued jamming to the song and said that the song is “very, very savage.

Bang Chan then shared that Stray Kids’ promotions overlapped with BLACKPINK’s when BLACKPINK was promoting “Lovesick Girls” and “Pretty Savage.” Bang Chan would often watch BLACKPINK when they were performing “Pretty Savage” and thought to himself that the song was great.

Bang Chan concluded by praising “Pretty Savage” and BLACKPINK.

Bang Chan is so sweet!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan
Source: Naver Live

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