Stray Kids Bang Chan And BTS Suga’s Resemblance In Pre-Debut Photos Went Viral

The humorous resemblance has fans cracking up.

When thinking of idols who could pass as lookalikes, Stray KidsBang Chan and BTS‘s Suga wouldn’t be the pair that comes to mind. At least, initially.

In photos of Suga and Bang Chan before their debut, fans are doing a double take and cracking up over how similar they looked.

In a pre-debut clip of Bang Chan as a child, he sweetly sang Jason Mraz‘s “I’m Yours” while playing guitar for his JYP Entertainment audition. His hairstyle and entire look immediately reminded fans of another moment that was too similar to dismiss.

For Suga’s Big Hit Entertainment audition, which reportedly happened the same year as Bang Chan’s audition above, he nearly had the exact same hairstyle.

On top of the matching hairstyles, the two even had on green shirts as if they’d coordinated their styles.

While joking about their “triangle” hair, fans noted that their similar looks were all due to the fact that they’re talented producers. Whatever the reason, the humorous coincidence is bringing joy to many.

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