The “Real Reason” Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Likes To Spend Time With Changbin

The reason is proof of their friendship!

In the most recent episode of Stray Kids‘ YouTube series “2 Kids Room,” members Bang Chan and Changbin were paired up to talk while the other members watched from behind a screen and added their own thoughts.

Arguably, Bang Chan and Changbin are two of the closest members in Stray Kids, with the rest of the members agreeing that the two are always with each other…

Stray Kids’ Lee Know (left), Felix (middle), and Seungmin (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Whether that’s Bang Chan and Changbin interacting as two-thirds of Stray Kids’ production unit, 3RACHA

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin (left), Han (middle), and I.N (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube  

… Or Bang Chan and Changbin playing “mom and dad” as they watch over Hyunjin and Han in their dorm.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

As Seungmin points out, the two are so close that “there are certain things [about their friendship that he] can’t pick up on.”

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

And Bang Chan agrees, dramatically stating that “out of all the members,” he’s always with Changbin.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | Stray Kids/YouTube  

Bang Chan initially jokes that he’s upset by always being with Changbin…

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (left) and Changbin (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube 

But quickly amends that he’s “actually kind of grateful” that they’re often together.

And while Changbin claims that Bang Chan is lucky they’re often together because he’s the one “who puts up with” Bang Chan’s antics…

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

Bang Chan jokes that he’s actually grateful for a different reason: 3RACHA’s bets.

Bang Chan and Changbin explain that 3RACHA, made up of the two of them and Han, often make bets on who will pay for their taxis or meals by playing rock-paper-scissors.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

And Bang Chan is grateful to spend time with Changbin because Changbin always ends up losing.

Which is a fact that even Changbin can’t deny.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

Changbin even explains that he recently tried to reject playing rock-paper-scissors with Bang Chan and Han when they were betting on who would wear a flashy outfit.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

But Bang Chan and Han told Changbin that there was no way he would be the one to lose, so Changbin gave in and played.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

Really believing that, for once, he wasn’t going to lose.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

But, inevitably, Changbin lost once again and had to wear the flashy outfit.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

Bang Chan even has to clarify that he and Han didn’t rig the game to make Changbin lose.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

And even the day after, Changbin played with them again, lost again, and had to pay for their taxi.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

And, when Bang Chan teasingly asks Changbin why he won’t play rock-paper-scissors anymore if he’s not the type of person to hold grudges…

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

Changbin jokes that the game hurts his hand and wrist, so he shouldn’t play anymore to take care of his well-being.

| Stray Kids/YouTube  

And while obviously Bang Chan and Changbin have an incredible friendship, Bang Chan’s “reason” for enjoying spending so much time with Changbin is definitely entertaining.

You can read more about their “2 Kids Room” episode here.

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