Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Crashed Hyunjin’s Live, So He Pulled A Trick On Him

He probably still has no idea how Hyunjin got him.

The members of Stray Kids love to pull pranks on each other. In one of Hyunjin‘s latest live broadcasts, he didn’t have to go looking for someone to prank. Bang Chan ended up coming to him.

After tying his sneakers, he stood up and moved to the center of the room. That’s when he noticed someone peeking through the window of the door. Hyunjin walked over to it and opened it.

As he stood in the doorway, Hyunjin must’ve pointed out that he was recording. Wanting to greet fans, Bang Chan waved while staying hidden out of frame. That’s when Hyunjin came up with an idea.

He decided to draw Bang Chan out and in full view of the camera. Hyunjin pointed inside of the room, trying to show that the camera was on the side of the room rather than in the center. Bang Chan believed the trick.

Moving inside the doorway, he crouched down and waved toward where he thought the camera was. Seeing him follow along and bent down on the floor had Hyunjin chuckling.

Afterward, Bang Chan stood up and ran off. Hyunjin closed the door and was quick to tell everyone, “That was Chan just now.”

The fact that Bang Chan didn’t even have a clue that he’d been tricked made it even funnier. Fans are wondering if he’d ever found it out.

See Hyunjin quickly come up with a funny way to prank Bang Chan, starting from 13:43.

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