Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Doesn’t Want NMIXX’s Lily To Call Him Sunbaenim

He finds it a bit weird.

JYP Entertainment labelmates Stray KidsBang Chan and NMIXX‘s Lily have known each other a long time and continue to show support for one another.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids_JP/Twitter

Lily has previously shown gratitude toward Bang Chan and revealed that he has been supporting her since before debut.

NMIXX’s Lily | @nmixx_official/Instagram

In an episode on the popular YouTube channel “Aracade Pang,” Lily was asked how she felt about Bang Chan reacting to her cover of Bruno Mars‘ “Finesse” on Chan’s Room.

She said, “Since I was a trainee, Bang Chan really taught me a lot, and I learned a lot.”

NMIXX’s Lily Is Thankful To Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Here’s Why

In the most recent episode of Chan’s Room, Bang Chan was told that Lily had mentioned him. He affirmed that he had seen it but didn’t love that she had referred to him as sunbaenim (industry senior).

Yeah I saw that. I actually saw that. It feels weird to have her call me sunbaenim.

Of course, Lily was only trying to be respectful, as Stray Kids officially debuted in 2018, and NMIXX just debuted this year.

However, Bang Chan proposed a more comfortable term for his fellow Korean-Australian to refer to him as.

Yeah, Lily don’t call me sunbaenim. Just call me oppa. It’s much more natural. Please.

Bang Chan politely told Lily to use oppa (older brother) instead, as it’s a much more casual term. Since the two of them have known each other a long time and are close, it must be weird to hear a more formal term.

It seems that Bang Chan will continue to support Lily as her industry senior, and Lily will continue to respect him as such, just from a more casual perspective!