Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Explains The Real Reason Why Most Idols Use Prerecorded Vocals For Live Performances

He says it has nothing to do with skills, as all idols who debut are great singers!

Stray KidsBang Chan has been gaining praise from netizens for the thoughtful way in which he explained the real reason why K-Pop idols often use prerecorded vocals in their live stages.

During one of his regular live streams, a fan asked him to give an example of a prerecording. Bang Chan explained that there are two different types of prerecording, one made onstage, and one made in the studio that is made to sound like it’s onstage. Then he went on to explain the reason why idols use prerecorded vocals in the first place, saying that, simply put, idols have to sing every day. But it’s not just singing!

| Stray Kids/VLIVE via Aron Dale/YouTube 

Idols have to wake up extremely early and go through all sorts of schedules first, such as interviews, before they actually go on stage.

But that’s far from the end of the day for them. Following a stage, they still have schedules to complete, so most idols often tend to go to sleep really late only to wake up early the next morning and begin the cycle again. As Bang Chan says, this intense non-stop cycle of activity can often take a toll on idols’ voices.

Therefore, it’s understandable why prerecordings are necessary, as sometimes the condition of an idol’s voice may simply not allow them to sing live after such a strenuous schedule. Bang Chan also went on to make a great point about how this also means that idols truly deserve respect, since the fact that they debuted in the first place already proves they have the skills to sing live; using prerecorded vocals does not say anything about idols’ talent so much as it says that they are under a lot of pressure!

Bang Chan even claimed that his own voice had not been in good condition that day, leading to a disappointing recording for him.

And that, ultimately, is why prerecordings are necessary; they help to ease a lot of the strain on idols’ voices that is caused by their rigorous schedules.

Bang Chan always receives praise from fans and non-fans alike for this thoughtfulness and his empathy, and the way he approached this issue only proves just how considerate he is.

While it’s always nice to hear idols really show what they can do with live vocals, Bang Chan is right to emphasize that the use of prerecorded vocals in no way diminishes idols’ talent or skills. You can watch Bang Chan discuss the topic in full on the link below.

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