Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Felix Exude The Cutest Father And Son Energy

Bang Chan treats Felix with so much love!

Stray Kids has just started a new series called “All-Night SKZ,” and we can’t get enough of the cute interactions between Bang Chan, Felix, Seungmin, and Changbin.

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The series is set up like a sleepover, and the first activity on their list is to wash and style each other’s hair. Bang Chan volunteered to be Felix’s stylist, and the two exuded wholesome father-son energy the entire time.

Even the way Bang Chan went from massaging his head straight into a tickle attack and erupting into giggles is just like how a dad would tease their little son.

It was so obvious that even Felix had to point it out.

Bang Chan just exudes big parental energy, and honestly we’re not surprised since he’s leader of seven other energetic boys.

Their friendship is just so wholesome and caring!

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