Stray Kids Bang Chan Gives Advice On How To Overcome Nervousness

Bang Chan shares some advice from his personal experiences.

In his recent live broadcast, Stray Kids Bang Chan shared how he deals with nervousness, and gave advice on how others can as well.

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Bang Chan shared that for him, nervousness was “something that was always with me since a long time ago.” Whether it be on stage, or public speaking, he shares that he still gets nervous to this day, just less so than before.

Bang Chan during <IN生> video call event | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

He understands that “there’s a lot of pressure and nervousness” when doing something in front of others, but he encourages people to face that fear directly.

I think you need to face your fears. You need to challenge yourself, too. I think that’s how you break your fears. I think that’s how you learn too.

— Bang Chan

Bang Chan during <IN生> video call event | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Bang Chan continued to sympathize with Stay about overcoming nervousness, sharing how when he started trying more things and testing his resolve, he began to realize that it wasn’t as bad as he thought, and that he could probably try it again.

My advice is to just keep trying to attempt at really doing something. Or else you are always going to be nervous.

— Bang Chan

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