Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Gracefully Claps Back At Hater Who Called Their Music Noise

He flipped their negative comment into a positive.

Nearly every single week, Stray KidsBang Chan takes precious time to live broadcast for his series Chan’s Room. Between encouraging fans and sharing fun facts about their daily lives, it’s a place overflowing with positivity.

When someone made a negative comment about the group’s music, Bang Chan used that positive energy to address it in the most graceful way.

As Bang Chan read fans’ comments, he came across one that used a common sentiment used by those who negatively target groups ATEEZ and NCT 127, along with Stray Kids. Referring to how “noisy” they sound, the comment claimed, “Stray Kids construction music.” Bang Chan wasn’t phased at all.

Tilting his head to think, he reacted in a completely different way than the hater probably expected. Bang Chan didn’t deny the statement, “Yeah. I actually agree with that. It is construction music.” He then had an explanation that was sure to silence anyone who had something negative to say.

Stray Kids didn’t produce construction music because of their sound. Bang Chan pointed out they were the ones in the driver’s seat, constructing their music themselves. “‘Cause, I mean, we actually do… I mean, we are the ones who actually construct our own music. So, yeah. I agree with that.”

Not only did Bang Chan turn the negative comment into a positive one, but he also ran with it. He combined the phrase with their group name to give it a whole new title. He deemed it, “Construction muSKZ.”

Flexing the group’s creative skills and naming their own genre? If that isn’t a graceful way to clap back at negativity, nothing is.

Watch Bang Chan use his positivity to flip the situation here.

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