Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Hyunjin Aren’t Allowed To Grill Meat Ever Again After This

They can’t be left in charge.

Stray Kids were treated to a meal by Dingo, but there was a catch. They were only given ingredients and had to prepare it themselves.

Dividing themselves into teams, they focused on their tasks. Since Hyunjin and Bang Chan were in charge of grilling the meat along with Changbin, they both got to work.

But, it didn’t last after Changbin suggested they should sneak bites of the food. Hyunjin was all for it, being the first to snatch a piece.

Then, Bang Chan joined Hyunjin in eating up all the meat they had cooked.

They’d eaten so much while cooking that it was visible how much was missing by the end. Hyunjin even claimed to have lost his appetite.

Stray Kids work hard, so they deserve to eat all the meat. But, Hyunjin and Bang Chan barely saved any for the rest of the group. The members will have to keep an eye on them when grilling from now on. Check out their mini mukbang here.

Stray Kids