Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Hyunjin Reveal Their Dream Music Video Concept, But Their Ideas Couldn’t Have Been More Different

They both sound as good as each other!

Stray Kids have recently been releasing episodes of their new series SKZ SONG CAMP, where the members are split into teams and have to create songs for the group. During the latest episode, it was the turn of Bang Chan and Hyunjin.

Throughout the video, fans got to see some adorable interactions between the two members. They did some drawing, spoke about the past, and just had some time to relax.

At the end of a long day at work, the duo spent some time relaxing in a hot tub but, even then, Bang Chan and Hyujin couldn’t stop thinking about creating music for STAYs. In particular, they explained how they wanted to show a more mature and sexy side of Stray Kids to the fans.

Bang Chan later explained that, although he loves to create music that STAYs love to hear, he wants to create something visually beautiful for them to watch. By looking at their past music videos, there is no denying that the group has created music videos that resemble movies and dramas.

Bang Chan added that he wanted them to have the theme of compulsion for their upcoming songs, with a completely different mood from their other tracks.

I thought about what Hyjunjin said, elegant yet powerful or rough, and I want to show that. So, with the outfit, it should be a fancy shirt, like 2PM, with wet hair and tattoos, or scars.

— Bang Chan

Although Hyunjin seemed to like that idea, he had a much simpler idea that he thought STAYs would like, and he isn’t wrong. He even referred to the group’s performance of their song “WOLFGANG” on Mnet‘s Kingdom as an example.

Simply, if you take your top off, the video will get better. I was impressed watching ‘WOLFGANG,’ that sexy skin, copper skin, show them that! It’s a waste just to do it once.

— Hyunjin

No matter what song the members produce, there is no denying that fans will be excited to see whose music video idea they pick. Hopefully, STAYs don’t have to wait too long to see the finished product. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Stray Kids and FI

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