Meet Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Idol Lookalike Even His Mom Mistook Him For

He and the rookie idol go way, way back.

Within Stray Kids, there are quite a few members that have resemblances to other idols. While some say Hyunjin and ITZY‘s Yeji could be siblings and others see Han and DAY6‘s Young K as brothers, Bang Chan is the next member to get a lookalike.

Although the combination of his features is so unique that it’s rare to find someone who looks similar to him, there is one person who comes closest.

As a matter of fact, Bang Chan and the rookie idol look similar enough for his own mother to mistake the two. Even though his members’ lookalikes were all under JYP Entertainment, his wasn’t—at least not how you’d think.

Rather than the idol being one that Bang Chan isn’t familiar with, he was once a trainee under JYP Entertainment. He was even said to be a part of the group right up until the first episode of Stray Kids aired and eventually decided the final members.

His lookalike is none other than his newly-debuted friend CRAVITY‘s Taiwanese-American rapper Allen. At first glance, there may not appear to be too much of a resemblance.

That changes when you take a closer look. With both Allen and Bang Chan now having shorter hair, it’s easier to notice. From the thick eyebrows, the shape and size of their noses, and their fuller lips, they definitely look similar.

Whenever their faces are at the right angles, some eagle-eyed fans point out how much the two favor each other. STAYs and LUVITYs aren’t the only ones who notice the resemblance.

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Before Allen debuted in CRAVITY and had a personal Instagram account, he addressed a comment of him and Bang Chan looking similar. Allen then mentioned one of their performances together when he was at JYP Entertainment. Bang Chan’s mother had kept her eyes on Allen, thinking he’d been Bang Chan:

Yeah, I get that a lot. A lot of people say I look like Chris hyung. Even his mom mistook me for him during a performance. His mom thought she was looking at Chris hyung, but then it was actually me.

— Allen

Although Allen may not have been able to debut with Stray Kids, he’s right at home in CRAVITY. He was even able to reconnect with them years later on stage. Just look at Bang Chan and Allen.

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After all, the more time you’ve spent with someone, the more you look like them.

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