Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Introduced 3RACHA As Hot Sauce And No One Was Ready For The Dad Joke

That wasn’t the only thing he said was hot.

Stray Kids played a game of Mystery Box with Young Hollywood where they had to guess what was inside of a box without being able to see it with their eyes.


“Baby” Changbin‘s box held a sriracha bottle that symbolized their producing team 3RACHA. As soon as he felt the bottle, he was able to successfully guess what it was.

Then Bang Chan was asked to give a quick introduction of 3RACHA (him, Changbin, and Han). After taking the bottle from Changbin, he said, “It’s a very hot sauce.”

He and Han burst into laughter while the others just simply put up with him.

Then, he did give a serious explanation of their producing team. But, he followed it up with another pun. He ended it with, “We’re pretty hot too.”

He did get a high-five from Changbin, and Seungmin agreed with the bold statement. And, STAYs wouldn’t disagree either.

Check out the king of dad jokes with his eight children here.

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